Unity Agreement 7 - Trademark

You get to use the WholyFit name and system for your local classes. Logos remain the property of WholyFit available for print by permission only. All corporate promotion using the WholyFit trademark name, through media with global outreach potential, must be initiated through WholyFit Corporate.

Examples: YouTube, Facebook, Rumble, Vimeo, Instagram, etc. If you want to join our social media promotion as a team leader, we will give you editorial access to our social sites and give you access to participation in our WholyFit video production. All WholyFit trademarked productions and media need to be originated through WholyFit corporate.

WholyFit, HolyFit, WhollyFit and all homonyms /spellings are legal trademarks of WholyFit LLC. Only WholyFit LLC has the legal right to use these brand names on corporate social media. #wholyfit #whollyfit #holyfit.

  • WholyFit Corporate retains sole right to appoint our global/national leaders.
  • WholyFit Corporate retains sole right to maintain social media, video hosting, domain profiles using corporate trademarks/profiles.

Regional social profiles are always initiated and created only by WholyFit LLC and can be managed by WholyFit leaders who volunteer. Our Biblical unity values do not permit competition between team members because it takes away from the outreach potential of the WholyFit team. We encourage working in community. More hands make light work and we will get so much accomplished working together and sharing our resources!

Just a note to clarify: We encourage you to create your own social media pages for your classes. Should you do so, please be sure to call them WholyFit Instructor - FirstNameLastName - State (Province). Ex: WholyFit Instructor.KymPelfrey.Kentucky.

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