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Welcome to your WholyFit Instructor course! We are excited you are here and we are committed to your success. We encourage you to join the Wholyfit Facebook Groups by clicking on the links below. These groups are created for YOU! You can get connected with fellow WholyFit Instructors for encouragement and fellowship. We are a family!

WholyFit Certified Instructors Facebook Group - Come connect with your fellow WholyFit Instructors!

WholyFit Prayer Group - This is a private group where we share our prayers and encourage one another. Also, you will find the Zoom link for our weekly group prayer sessions that you are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you don't feel comfortable praying, please still attend. The more people we have praying, the better!

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MISSION: We train and certify fitness leaders and support their Christian faith, providing the highest quality strength and stretch system certification available, appropriate in Christian (WholyFit) and secular (WhollyFit) environments.

VISION: We see a movement of WholyFit Certified personal trainers, group exercise instructors and health coaches, personally modeling the value of wholeness attained only through faith in Jesus Christ, who help others pursue wellness following the teachings of God’s Word. 

What to expect in the training:

As you progress through the lectures, you will encounter reading materials, videos, and quizzes. Be sure to click the "Complete and Continue" button on the top right of each page once you have completed reading the content of that page and answering the quiz (if applicable). If you click the links to the left, you may miss out on lectures! Each week is broken down into a workable format so that you will not feel overwhelmed with the training material. Be sure to start each day in prayer and in the Word! It's important to keep your intimacy with Jesus during this training and afterwards!

When you have completed all modules, passed all quizzes, and your mentor has done your final testouts, with all required paperwork, you will receive your certificate confirming your accomplishment! Your Mentor-Trainer will audit the process to make sure your course is complete. At that time, you will officially be a Certified WholyFit Instructor!

To remain certified and use the WholyFit name and description for your classes, you must remain subscribed to WholyFit's Monthly Membership ($5 per month auto-charged to your credit card or PayPal account).

We here at WholyFit are so blessed to have you join us as we share the Gospel through fitness and fellowship. We hope and pray that this journey is a blessing to you too!

Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions. We do our best to respond to all emails within one business day.

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