Unity Agreement 6 - WholyFit Name

Even in a secular environment, call your group exercise classes WholyFit or “WhollyFit”. This helps your team and keeps WholyFit representation to the public plain and simple. Wholeness sells, it is a popular secular idea, so there is no reason to change the name of your class for any reason. Note the success of the Wholy Taco and Whole Foods brand names. Similarly, present WholyFit (or spell it “WhollyFit”) to secular venues emphasizing that you will be offering fitness for the whole person and that the public will love it! The bottom line is, use the WholyFit name, or WhollyFit spelling, use the WholyFit posture names and WholyFit branded format. Many gyms simply need 10 instructors to be able to promote a certain brand. Help us train more instructors in your area! There are many lucrative ways to teach WholyFit independently also, in dance studios and private gyms. Be creative, be loyal.

A few notes about "Poaching"

Poaching is defined as one way promotion. WholyFit encourages networking with like-minded fitness companies, but disallows one way promotion. For example, if WholyFit actively promotes another company, it should be on the basis of a mutual networking agreement understood beforehand. WholyFit members may not bypass this mutual agreement process. Promotion of another fitness company without returned promotion, is poaching and is a detriment to WholyFit. Poaching causes a spirit of competition instead of mutual promotion. Competing within the Body of Christ is damaging to the Church, unfair to WholyFit and hurts both the WholyFit ministry and the competitive firm.

Poaching is accessing information collected by WholyFit in trust, to sell non-WholyFit related products to those within WholyFit. Poaching dishonors the Body of Christ. Instructors are always free to leave WholyFit and go to another fitness organization, but they are not permitted to continue teaching what was learned through WholyFit training within the new organization. To do so would likely bring legal action from WholyFit on the basis of this non-compete agreement.

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