Prayer From Your Church Leader - Kingdom Quest

Instructions: Get prayer from your church leader

Our goal is to provide a stretching environment where people can experience Jesus through His Word, prayer, worship and exercise. 

Who are you? What has God called you to do? We would love for you to share with us about this. Introduce yourself on the WholyFit Certified Facebook. Your team would love to meet you.

Who?· The Apple of His Eye—Deuteronomy 32:10

· Ambassadors for Christ—2 Corinthians 5:20

· His Anointed—Psalms 28:8

· The Bride—Revelation 21:9

· The Called of Jesus Christ—Romans 1:6

· The Church—Acts 2:47

· Children of Abraham—Galatians 3:7

· Children of the Resurrection—Luke 20:36

· Disciples—Matthew 5:1

· The Elect—Colossians 3:12

· General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn—Hebrews 12:23

· Heirs of God—Romans 8:16-17

· The Light of the World—Matthew 5:14

· More Than Conquerors—Romans 8:37

· The Redeemed—Psalms 107:2

· A Royal Priesthood—1 Peter 2:9

· The Salt of the Earth—Matthew 5:13

· The Strong—Isaiah 53:12

· True Worshipers—John 4:23

· Vessels of Mercy—Romans 9:22-23

Why? We are missionaries to our cities. Our goal is to provide a stretching environment where people can experience Jesus through His Word, prayer, worship and exercise.

How? Prayer brings the Kingdom of Jesus into your life and ours! God’s Word is moving and active – as we move to God’s Word, God’s Word moves in us!

As you become a minister through WholyFit, spreading God’s Word through Christian fitness classes, you will need prayer covering. Prayer is the real work! To succeed in the Kingdom it won’t matter how good we are or how hard we work, if we don’t have prayer covering.

Here’s Laura’s story: I had failed for 2-3 years to get a WholyFit class started at a church. Nothing was working. Additionally, my garden kept getting broken into by animals and my whole harvest got eaten three times! I was so discouraged.

See the picture below. In this visual way, God spoke to me to go get a better spiritual covering that couldn’t be broken into by that ole varmint, our enemy satan.

So, in this spiritual exercise we ask you to explain WholyFit to your Pastor, or a leader, from your church, and ask them to pray over you for anointing, protection and blessing. Ask your church leader to send you out as a missionary of your church to minister to those caught up in New Age philosophies.

Before you go the the meeting, pray about who you are in Christ, what your spiritual gifts are and what Jesus has called you to do for His Kingdom. Once you know what God has called you to do, then meet with your pastor or church leader (like women’s/men’s ministry leader). Whether you teach WholyFit in a church, or at another venue, you still need the anointing and sending out from your church. Below is a video I did after preparing myself in this way.

I didn’t actually send this to the elder and I didn’t say all of it, but that was my video prep. I watched it and then talked to the church leader. I prayed for a week beforehand about who I am, what I do and why I do WholyFit. I prayed about what exactly God was calling me to do at my church. I decided the main thing was to get spiritual covering by prayer and anointing.

Prepare yourself in this same way. We all have different gifts and callings so your answers do not have to be the same as mine!

Jesus can fulfill our prayers in a quick minute! When we try to fulfill our desires on our own strength, even years of trying doesn’t work! (Take it from me, I’ve tried it that way to my chagrin.)

Here are some questions for you to answer on your own:

1. What exactly are you asking your Pastor/church leader to do for you? Pray for you? Send you out with anointing and protection? Mentor you in leadership? Allow you to teach WholyFit classes at your church? Allow you to train others in your church to teach WholyFit with you?

2. Who are you in Christ? Think of one scripture.

3. What are your spiritual gifts? (Not the gifts you WANT to have. What gifts do you find yourself OPERATING in?)

4. What are you anointed to do? (Is God calling you to teach classes at your church? In a gym?) - Look up the anointing of King David in the Bible. He was not the tallest, nor the oldest brother, but God called him!

5. How does Jesus want you to reach the lost and disciple Christians? Maybe through WholyFit classes?

We are all here to help you in this Quest of the Kingdom! Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Answer the questions below. We know you will need time to get with your pastor/church leader, but we don't want you to wait to complete that quest before continuing on with your training. Just be sure you get that prayer covering, it is important!

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