Unity Agreement 4 - Professional Growth

There is a lot more to learn after initial certification. During initial certification you will learn the basics of the Brand and one routine, the Armor of God Heirloom Routine which has 142 WholyFit-specific exercises. You will learn the WholyFit branded exercises, system format, teaching techniques, biomechanics like layering and M.A.T.

During continuing education online, you will learn more routines, as well as other branded WholyFit systems. You will find WF continuing education to continue to challenge and stretch you for years to come!

1. At first you will master the Ephesians 6 Armor routine.

2. Then you can learn more routines, exercises and techniques to present the system in many different ways.

3. As you take more continuing education classes you will have the tools to get creative and still maintain the integrity of WholyFit.

In continuing education, for example, you will learn WholyFit for Special populations, WholyFit Sit (chair stretching,) etc. You will also be able to incorporate WholyFit’s own Fusion systems into your classes like Kickboxing, Dance, SlowFlo, our walking program and low impact with weights!

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