Unity Agreement 3 - Exhortation

The Bible says we are to admonish each other in our walk with Christ Jesus, and we are to do so with gentleness, respect and humility. When you sign the unity agreement, you tell WholyFit leaders and your team, that you have decided to promote the WholyFit Brand as your alternative to yoga, not as an addition to yoga. We will keep you accountable to your decision to represent the WholyFit Brand and name correctly, whenever you use what you have learned in this certification, whether you train others in a secular fitness environment or the local church.

It is important for WholyFit leaders to give a clear, unified, well-defined mission explanation of what WholyFit is, when representing it to the public. We avoid any organization involved in yoga and certainly will not promote those organizations. We have cleansed our hands of yoga, and purified our hearts of it’s influence. We will not go back. (James 4:8)

Represent your WholyFit team by calling your classes/sessions “WholyFit.” Work in community with your global WholyFit ministry team, teaching the same routines, the same exercises, those you have been trained in through WholyFit. This keeps the system pure, while still encouraging the many creative and varied uses of WholyFit. For example, in certification you will learn the WholyFit format and also that you can present one routine so differently that you never teach it the same way twice. Through continued mastery of the system you will be able to maintain the integrity of the system while working creatively.

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