Unity Agreement 9 - Community

WholyFit is 50% Certification and 95% Fellowship

That is mystery math, but it’s the way God’s economy works. He multiplies what we give Him. WholyFit is not just a certification, it’s a community. You are joining a ministry, not only getting a fitness certification. WholyFit is unique in the fact that God has called us to work in a community. Even from the beginning of certification, you are trained one on one, with a Mentor and afterwards, we work together and continue to support each other through fellowship and continuing education.

Put on the Armor of God

You entered a war zone when you accepted Jesus and it will only get worse as you follow Him. You will be entering into warfare with us against the devil, but we are Overcomers. We overcome the devil by the Word of God and our testimony. We teach the Armor of God routine first because you need to begin your WholyFit ministry with your armor on. We are following Jesus in a ministry that directly confronts the powers and principalities of evil in the heavenly realms with the Word of God. You need to be prepared for opposition, even from Christians, family and friends, and you will need the support of a team behind you. We must have each other’s backs. Whenever you kick in the doors of Hell, you can expect a fight and you will need your army behind you.

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