Equipping leaders to train others physically,

emotionally and spiritually.


WholyFit is an original, branded stretch & strength fitness format, a unique exercise system that uses:

  • slow movement
  • static postures
  • stretching
  • breathing
  • relaxation

to develop:

  • coordination
  • strength
  • stamina
  • balance
  • flexibility

Learn the unique WholyFit stretching system featuring Scripture memorization. Teach WholyFit classes at your church or venue. Get certified using the WholyFit online platform accessible right from home 24 hours a day. Log in and begin online teacher training with the help of a WholyFit Certified Mentor Trainer.

In WholyFit, we train you to teach to participants of any fitness level in the same class. No more beginners classes or advanced classes! Now, everyone can be included in the same class setting and be afforded a workout that suits their needs.


  • Train anyone of any fitness level with the WholyFit core flexibility and strength fitness system.
  • Learn 42 basic stability postures in the Armor of God Routine, the first routine of many more.
  • Train to incorporate God’s Word into every workout.
  • Learn the WholyFit branded format of all WholyFit routines, which makes WholyFit different from many other fitness systems!
  • WholyFit fitness principles, exercise technique, anatomy, proper biomechanics (form).
  • General population participant safety in a groups or individual setting.
  • Adore Worship Dance Routine to the Armor of God “Heirloom” routine.


  • Build mastery of the unique WholyFit Branded system.
  • Biblically and scientifically based stretching.
  • Flexibility and strength much faster than conventional exercise.
  • Coach very fit individuals and groups using 42 WholyFit exercises in the Armor Routine, the first of many routines to follow.
  • Learn to fit advanced postures to others (or to yourself) who need the challenge.
  • If you wish to practice the advanced postures personally, you will learn to fit them to your body gradually.
  • Learn the branded, original WholyFit multi-layer teaching technique to make WholyFit fit you well and keep you well.

Professional Membership

  • Network and fellowship with WholyFit Trainers worldwide.
  • Use of the WholyFit branded name.
  • Support each other, pray with each other around the world.

Get Certified

Let’s begin your training today! Click the course below for more details on how to sign up. We would love to have you join our team!

Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete,
without blame at 
the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1 Thes. 5:23 NASB